Thursday, October 25, 2007

Like many things in my life, I start out with the best of intentions only to fail. Alas, here is another perfect example of a great start and poor follow-up. The threat of bodily harm, however, is alway motivating and a certain un-named sister-in-law has thrown down the gauntlet. This is just the teaser post to get you (and you know who "you" are) to keep coming back for the cutest pics and wittiest blog which will appear shortly.
Thank you for your support.

Friday, April 20, 2007


Hello Everyone!
This is a Cora's Corner. A little piece of the internet dedicated to our special little girl. My goal is to use this to share our journey with friends and family. I am pretty new to this but I hear it's really easy. I haven't been so great about emailing everyone so hopefully this will remedy that!
I also hope to have some pics up and coming soon! Take care all! Alicia